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To celebrate the Hong Kong Art Fair 2012, Suitman Entertainment created and produced a satellite art x commerce event for K11 Art Mall Hong Kong: the ‘Public Fair No.1’ - an art exhibition created for the public and in the public - we firmly believe that you don’t need a ticket to enjoy art. With this in mind, we have brought artists from around the world to K11 to create work that inspires all walks of life. This project is also a part of the re-branding campaign of K11 Art Mall. Our role covered the creative concept developement, designing advertising & marketing material , artist recommendation & alliance, and exhibitional event production.

Exhibition participating artists:
Suitman aka Young Kim – Korea /U.S.A.
Sticky Monster Lab – Korea
Hitotzuki – Japan
Cody Hudson – U.S.A.

*Image shown above is the print ad and poster for promoting the project.
Click the below link to watch Suitman interviewed by Hypebeast to talk about the concept behind 'Public Fair No.1' and the process of creating this exciting project
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Hitotzuki from Tokyo

The power of colours in paintings can be extraordinary especially when complementary colours come together because they enhance one another best, when juxtaposed – just like husband Kami and wife Sasu, an artistic dynamic duo 'Hitotzuki' from Tokyo. Even the name 'Hitotzuki' comes to translate as the complementary sun and moon in Japanese. Drawing inspirations from Japanese calligraphy, nature and their travelling experiences, they create contemporary murals, installations and more.

This is already the second time that Suitman Entertainment brought Hitotzuki to participate in art x commerce project in Hong Kong. In this show, we asked Kami + Sasu to live-performed in K11 to produce an 80-foot mural on the wall during the HK Art Fair period. The location of this mural is where the K11 art space facing the subway station. The public was naturally invited to witness the creation of this art piece, making it a true piece of public art.

Hitotzuki from Tokyo

Hitotzuki from Tokyo

Thanks Elle for taking this shot.

Hitotzuki from Tokyo

View of Hitotzuki's 80-foot mural from Hong Kong Subway station

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