About Suitman aka Young Kim ...

Young Kim was born in Seoul to Korean parents in the early 60's. 

Until the age of ten, Seoul was Kim's home, and the only cultural reference. Following an emigration to the United States, Kim then spent his adolescence and early adulthood in the United States where he came to identify as being Korean-American.

The successive experiences in Seoul and America left Kim possessed by two distinctive cultures under one skin; to him, neither fitting very well. He considered himself to be as American. However, in the eyes of others, he was, by all appearances, "Asian".

After achieving a successful creative career in U.S. advertising industry, Kim relocated to Tokyo in the 90's, taking on another challenge in his career path.

Ironically enough, in returning to Asia, Kim found his alienation on a par with that of which he endured in America, only in reverse. His face fit, his persona did not. Dressing up as Suitman gave Kim the strength to confront the feeling of socio-cultural isolation and empowered him to explore his true identity.

Suitman is Kim's living art created through his experience of living the life as Suitman. Together, Suitman and Young Kim have traveled through six continents, over hundreds of destination, interacting with all walks of life, gathering inspiration for their work comprises photography, film, installation, performance and design object. Their work is insightful, highly engaging, surprising and always with a sense of humor. To view latest Suitman art work and exhibition, please visit 'photography' & 'exhibition' sessions of this site.


About Suitman Entertainment ... 

Suitman is not alone anymore.

Young Kim utilized his expertise in both art & advertising worlds and founded Suitman Entertainment in 2008. Kim and his team in Suitman Entertainment specialized in creative solution for marketing, branded content development & production, film production and artist collaboration & event. To find out more about what we do, please visit 'commercial project', 'film' & 'other work' sessions of this site.




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