commercial project » Diesel Cultivate Show 2009

SIGSS - Suitman International Ghetto Sound System

Special appearance of Mintos - Shimoda and Bigbird

Mr Digbirb....

Street folk arts

We also have folk artists from the street. Flour figure master, Mr Chan. We usually see him in Causeway Bay.

Street folk arts

Street calligrapher, Mr Man. He did a lot outdoor signage including gigantic Chinese calligraphy on high-rise buildings. He did the traditional Chinese blessing on red paper for us that evening.

Mr 'Orchid' Chan

Here comes, 'Orchid Chan'. The famous floral hawker in Central. He sells white orchid and jasmine in a little plastic basket.
Police fined him a few years ago for not having a hawker license....even so, he still refuses to apply for social welfare and insists to take care of himself and his wife by selling flowers in the street all these years. Very honorable man. Salute!

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