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Diesel Cultivate Show 2009

It has been 2 years since we completed our NEW GRAND TOUR project with DIESEL. When DIESEL approached us again to be curator for Hong Kong CULTIVATE show 2009 early this year, our immediate thought was to create an art show that would shine around the Hong Kong "DAI PAI DONG" (Hawker's booth) style.
We have invited artists from different regions to re-create their own vision and interpretation of the hawker's booth.
These major innovative creators are:
- Hitozuki - Kami + Sasu from Tokyo, Japan,
- Bomin Kim from Seoul, Korea,
- Lady Aiko from NYC, USA,
- Gwen Yip from Hong Kong,
- Black Panda (Jennifer Lew and Victor-John Villanueva) from Denver and
- Anton Lopez from Hong Kong,
- Hong Kong University architectural students participate by re-interpreting the Hong Kong outdoor news stand.
- Suitman's latest gadget - IGSS (International Ghetto Sound System)
and special appearance of DJ Mintos – Michiharu Shimoda and Seiji Bigbird from Tokyo, Japan
The show was opened on 17 Sept 2009 at Diesel Planet Store in Central, Hong Kong. The opening party was a huge success. We had a good mix of guests from all walk of life. will be continuing to work with most of the above artists in the commercial area on a long term basis. If you wish to obtain more info about this or the artist lists represented by, please email us on
*In this photo: Store Frontage Painting by Hitotzuki (Kami+Sasu) and window tribute to Mr Lo Koon-chiu.

Hitotzuki (Kami+Sasu)

The name "HITOTZUKI", stands for the sun and the moon, contrary to one another, like a plus sign and the minus sign, female and male, they differ yet still fuse together to make a whole. Their work is done dynamically and with freehand. Kami and Sasu, work depicts scenery from their lifestyle and feelings from their daily life while at the same time expressing hope for the future. They work as a family creating an ideal image of both their lifestyle and their future as “HITOTZUKI”.
For more info about Hitotzuki in commercial area, please email

Hitotzuki (Kami+Sasu)

Hitotzuki's booth was inspired by traditional Japanese stamp shop.

Hitotzuki (Kami+Sasu)

Bomin Kim

Bomin's most representative exhibition to date is "the box is dream" when it was an attempt to materialize the “dream” into reality via box format, and the exhibition
venue itself became an imaginary stationary shop. Just like the dream contains more vivid and colourful stories than reality, the surface of box itself has more stories and images than the content inside the box.
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