art exhibit » Past, Present, Future - Solo Show at Factory Gallery, Seoul

Past, Present, Future - Solo Show at Factory Gallery, Seoul

"Until the age of ten, Seoul was my home, and my only cultural reference. Then, having spent my adolescence and early adulthood in the United States, I came to identify as being Asian-American. The successive experiences in Seoul and America left me possessed by two distinctive cultures under one skin, neither fitting very well. I considered myself to be as American. However, in the eyes of others, I was, by all appearances, “Asian.” Ironically enough, in returning to Asia, I found my alienation on a par with that of which I endured in America, only in reverse. My face fit, my persona did not. The suit is a universal outfit — some might say, uniform — accepted in nearly every culture. Dressing up as Suitman gives me the strength to confront the feeling of socio-cultural isolation, and empowers me to explore my true identity. During the past twenty years, Suitman and I travelled across six continents, visited hundreds of places and created thousands of images. These images serve as a journal of my search for identity. As the obsession of defining myself has gradually diminished over the years, I’ve come to a conclusion: the sense of belonging only exists in the context where I feel secure, which I can create it anywhere I want. That said, I’ve decided to bring this particular self-searching journey to a close, and begin navigating a new chapter. I named this show ‘Past, Present, Future’. My life began in Seoul, and after wandering around the world, I’m back to share what I’ve been up to during the last half a century. I would like to dedicate this show to a friend, Emil Goh who introduced me to Bora and Factory Gallery. Although Emil has left us, he is still a big part."
- Suitman


Factory Gallery, Seoul



Opening Performance

Suitman double and YK
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